The Big Ben GPS Time Server, tested by the National Physical Laboratory,Teddington,Middlesex,England, in January 2022. This validated the Big Ben Time Servers accuracy, and reliabilty. Designed in England, to be low cost, and safe for commercial and non commercial use, with Windows XP,7 or 10. Civil,Military,Land, Air & Sea. The Big Ben Time Server is used worldwide, by individuals and companies. We recently upgraded the Big Ben Time Server at Humbly Grove Energy Limited, in Hampshire, England.This has been in service since 2015 on a Windows XP laptop. Now on Windows 10. Humbly Grove Energy Limited are associated with EP UK Investments (EPUKI) a wholly owned subsidiary of Energeticky (EPH), who hold investments in a number of generation assets in the UK, such as Humber Bank and Lynemouth Power Station.

NPL Anthorn MSF Time Signal Decoder 30 Day Free Trial- £20 to register using Paypal button, then email for username and password

Download NPL MSF Time Signal Decoder Clock

Long-wave radio signals carrying comprehensive information on the time and date are broadcast across Europe and North America. These signals can be received within a radius of about 1,500km from the transmitter. Galleon Systems offer a range of products to receive and decode these atomic clock time signals for use in hobby or OEM projects.

The NPL MSF Time Signal Decoder Clock is PC time synchronization software that synchronizes Windows computers to the time received from a DIY built MSF kit or Galleon MSF receiver.

It’s getting more difficult to find a PC with a native RS-232 serial communication port, most PC's or laptops nowadaysinterface using a USB.

The NPL MSF Time Signal Decoder Clock will use transmitted date and time data received from the MSF receiver.

  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10


Big Ben Time Server aka BIGBENGPSTIME released 11th November 2015. The low cost alternative to commercial GPS Timesync systems costing thousands of Dollars, and just as reliable. Designed for international use. We have enquires from major international companies, throughout the UK, USA and China. Only £20 for the software whatever the use, commercial or non-commercial. Petronas who own the Humbly Grove Energy site in Hampshire UK, use BIGBENGPSTIME to provide a reliable precision time reference to the Gas Plant SCADA & PLC control system.... Note: To set your PC time, later versions of Windows require an Administrator Account.This can easily be setup in Windows Control Panel User Accounts.

Time Signal Test Equipment

To prove how accurate the Big Ben Time Server really is..

We purchased a Galleon Systems MSF time receiver.
The results were very pleasing. Precise timing, and the computer stays on time.